Look Out!
It's Adam Tyner.

Y'know, the full-stack web developer from Greenville, SC. This guy:

Adam Tyner (PHP/MySQL developer)

What I Do

I have 24 years of professional experience as a full-stack LAMP dev. I eat, breathe, and sleep PHP, jQuery, and MySQL / MariaDB, along with a bit of Python. I've been with www.10best.com since 2001 and currently hold the title of Senior Software Engineer at its most recent incarnation, USA TODAY 10Best. I'm deeply collaborative, love to experiment, and enjoy seeing projects through from concept to completion.

10Best.com screenshot

My responsibilities encompass all things technical for the 10Best group, including the entirety of the front-end codebase (server-side and client-side), creating and maintaining tools in our proprietary CMS, behind-the-scenes scripting, syndication tools, maintaining numerous AWS instances, database administration, analytics and reporting, search engine optimization (both in terms of keywords and Lighthouse-style metrics), and project design and management.

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Among the highlights:

I've also contributed to a number of other Gannett products. To name just a few:

Under earlier incarnations of 10Best, I also built a CMS for aggregating tours from numerous providers, wrote and maintained software for white-label travel guides for clients as varied as AT&T and Priceline, designed and built a system for Carlson Rezidor to manage translated copy, and developed bespoke CMSes and location-based web apps for numerous hotel groups. Fairmont, Accor, Carlson Rezidor, Wyndham, and InterContinental Hotels Group are among the hotel clients I supported.

At the company's peak, 10Best's travel guides – both for our B2C site and our many clients – featured approximately 500 metro areas and around 200,000 points of interest.

More About Me

But wait! I'm not all dry, technical details. Some fun facts about me:

Micromoog, Moog Opus III, Little Phatty Stage II

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you, whether it's about collaborating on a project together or just talking tokusatsu. (If it helps get a conversation going, Invasion of Astro-Monster is my favorite Godzilla flick, Gamera vs. Guiron is my favorite Gamera movie, and Ultraseven is my favorite Ultra brother.)

I'm not on social media much anymore, but you can find me on LinkedIn (if it's not hibernating) or send me an email using the form below: